Woodland Jellycat Collection

If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise... It's our new woodland Jellycat soft toy collection! Made up of the cutest furry creatures and fun elements of nature, these Jellycat toys make the perfect pressie for little ones and come in classic and quirky designs!


Who will you choose to be your woodland buddy?


Introducing Fungi Forager Bunny!

Fungi Forager Bunny toy from Jellycat

What a cute new edition to the Jellycat range! Fungi Forager Bunny loves roaming the forest, looking for tasty treats!

A stretchy bunny with bright shiny eyes and a beautiful buttercream belly, this forager's found a fine scarlet toadstool with cocoa frills and a squashy stem!

Into the knitted backpack it goes, ready to study later!


Welcome Fungi Forager Squirrel!

Jellycat soft toy Fungi Forager Squirrel

The O&P love this Fungi Forager Squirrel! She is dizzy-delighted to find find such a splendid mocha mushroom!

This russet-red seeker has neat suedey feet, a knitted rucksack, and a silky squish tail, as well as a tubby vanilla tum from all that delicious forest food!


Who Could This Be? It's The Brambling Squirrel!

Brambling Squirrel Jellycat Soft Toy

The O&P love this little chap - how could you not?! Everyone needs a secret hideout and Brambling Squirrel's is berry fine indeed!

This gingery squirrel has found a blackberry just the right size to turn into a tree-house!

With stretchy segments of plump bluey-purple, a cosy lining and fresh green leaves, it's ideal for a swishy-tailed scamp!


Tell Us A Story Woodland Oak Leaf!

Woodland Oak Leaf Jellycat Soft Toy

Another fun addition to our Autumn woodland range, this tall twiggy Woodland Oak Leaf knows very well that from little acorns, big trees grow!

Gorgeous in deep green, with a knobbly shape and a merry grin for all in the glen, this leaf tells stories for the Brambling Squirrel's!


Hello Woodland Maple Leaf!

Woodland Maple Leaf Jellycat Soft ToyHello Woodland Maple Leaf, also known as the silliest sycamore! 

This soft Jellycat toy is all-of-a-flutter! The gorgeous gingery-golden leaf is perfectly pointy and as sweet as syrup!

A kindly advisor for little foragers, this merry Maple knows the best spots for berries!


Bringing Us Joy Is The Amusable Acorn!

Amusable Acorn soft toy by JellycatWe are nuts about this litlle guy! A round woodland rascal, Jellycat's Amuseable Acorn has nutty brown fur, with a fuzzly beret and fine suedey stalk!

This affable acorn can't wait for autumn, and scoots round the forest on chocolate cord feet! Good clean, healthy fun!


These Jellycat toys are just asking to be cuddled and taken on adventures - whether this is the garden, or a walk in the woods! Discover more Jellycat toys here: Jellycat.