The Perfect Gifts For Mother's Day

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." - Cardinal Mermillod


Mother's Day has quickly come upon us this year and we're celebrating all mummies here at The Owl & The Pussycat Boutique! We know how much you want to give your Mother a cuddle on that special day, but most of us will not be able to do that as we're staying home and keeping safe. So the next best thing is to give her a gift from the heart - we have put together our favourite Mother's Day gifts in our gift guide!


Blue ladies dressing gown in floral pattern

What can be better than feeling comfy first thing in the morning? We love this light & soft ladies long sleeve printed dressing gown with a beautiful blue blossom design with light green block trim & tiny pom pom edging - perfect for lounging around during lockdown, and on Sunday mornings! Not only is this dressing gown from Powell Craft super comfy, it's stylish enough to not be ashamed to open the door to the postman in! The blue dressing gown is made from 100% cotton, comes in one size and will fit size 8-18, and is £45.


Turquoise stone earrings hanging on a jewellery stand

We love these gorgeous turquoise earrings from My Doris at £24! Pretty, multi-faceted turquoise looks lovely with sunlight streaming through, and reflects the blues of the Turkish skies & the stunning hues of the Aegean. We haven't given up hope on a holiday somewhere sunny this year - but if all we get is a little bit of sunshine on a local beach, we're sure to be glammed up in style!


This pretty range of jewellery from Turkey is handcrafted on the outskirts of Istanbul by a small family firm who have worked in the same workshop for over 3 generations - what a wonderful brand story.


The whole My Doris collection is finished with various semi-precious stones such as quartz, freshwater pearls, amethyst and howlite as well as vibrant coloured facet crystal. What we love most about this collection is it looks wonderful paired with a maxi dress in the summer, or to glam up a simple shirt and trousers combo any time of the year!

Blue floral print wash bags in size small and largeThese blue blossom print wash bags from Powell Craft are perfect for storing your toiletries and make-up - and match your new dressing gown! These bags are quilted and lined with a pom pom trim & tassel zip - ideal to use for trips away or to keep your things neat & tidy at home. They come in a small (£15) and large (£22) size depending on what you need them for, and make the perfect gift for Mother's Day!

Blue striped candle

How amazing are these colourful candles with a twist from British Colour Standard? They are eco friendly, hand poured, fair trade ball candles which are striped in bold bands and made from stearin wax. They have a 50hr burn-time and are non-drip - wonderful! These are perfect for special occasions and make unique, wonderful gifts at £20. There is also a reason why the colours were chosen - we love a gift with a story - here is the idea behind the colours: 

Beryl Green
The colour of the precious stone Beryl, from the Greek Berullos. The Green Beryl is coloured by the presence of iron, the gem can vary from translucent to transparent, which results in increasing the shine and brilliance of the gem.

Bokhara Green
Named from the colour often found in oriental rugs from the Bokhara district of Turkestan. Traditionally made by the Turkmen tribes the rugs were made almost entirely from locally obtained materials,. Using wool from the herds and vegetable dyes, or other natural dyes from the land to create the Bokhara green colour.

Moonstone Grey
A descriptive name from one of the groups of minerals known as felspars found chiefly in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). One of the delicate blues found chiefly in Chinese pottery and silks.

Blue polka dot print scarf

Everyone needs a perfect scarf in their wardrobe and we have found the perfect one for your Mum. This beautiful blue light weight scarf with polkadot & palm leaf detail is perfect for sunny days near the water to add a splash of colour to your outfit - and we know we're all waiting for warm sunny days to come! The scarf is made from 100% pure cotton and is a pleasure to wear. Pair this with a dress, with a shirt and trousers, or simply drape around shoulders if you get a little chilly on a warm evening - now just £12!


We hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day this year - you've picked the perfect gift, now time to grab some flowers, a card, and plan a special surprise for the wonderful woman in your life!