The Owl & The Pussycat Christmas Gift Guide: It's A Wrap

One of my biggest joys at Christmas is wrapping presents for everyone.  I tend to do it a bit at a time, so I can spend some time on each gift. You have the prefect Christmas present picked out for your friends and family but you aren’t sure how to wrap a gift or you want to up your gift wrapping game to make sure the presentation looks as good as what’s inside your present. I adorn my gifts will all sorts of fabulous decorations – glittery show baubles, stars, peacocks, you name it and I chose each one with the person I am giving the gift to in mind. My house is awash with glitter for about a month but I absolutely love it!

Fortunately, at The Owl & the Pussycat we have some wonderful Christmas wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, tissue paper and adornments to make your job easier.  Wrapping unusual gifts is always a challenge but if you have the right gift bags it makes the job a lot easier.  

We all want to think we are good a Christmas wrapping gifts, but even though it sounds simple it can be difficult.  All it takes is a few Christmas gift wrapping ideas to make your presents to look the prettiest under the tree.  


Christmas gift bag

You always need to start with good quality Christmas gift bags.  We have the most beautiful Christmas gift bags, together with matching gift tags. Look at our beautiful Sapphire & snow gift bags. A large landscape gift bag 250 x 200 x 100 cm beautifully crafted with a delighted pattern of chrysanthemums and mistletoe on the outside and contrasting plain colour on the inside, with navy blue ribbon handles.  This gift bag will make any gift look special.


Christmas gift tags

For a perfect finish we have pretty, matching sapphire & snow gift tags in the shape of a chrysanthemum with matching string to tie onto a gift. Each luxury pack contains 4 gift tags of the same design. 


Christmas tissue wrapping paper

If you are going for the gift bag option (and that is great when you have an awkward shape gift of time is of the essence) go for a tissue paper to compliment. So, if your gift bag is patterned with blue, silver, and green, pick one of the accent colours. Another top tip, if the bag is stunning, keep the tissue paper plain so as not to detract. Recommended to complement our Sapphire & Snow range of bags is our solid colour tissue paper in Sliver. Each pack contains 8 sheets of 50.8 x 76.2 cm and each sheet will enhance the wrapping of any gift.  


Christmas peacock decoration

Now for the ‘pièce de résistance’ – the adornment. We suggest (for the aforementioned combo) you could then put one of our large blue glitter feather peacocks on the gift tag to finish it off. These stunning peacock tree or present clips will add colour, glitter and class to your Christmas tree or present.  They are 30cm long so will stand out beautifully with their glittery bodies and wonderful feather tails. 


Funny Christmas Cards

When you come up for air, and for a change from Christmas wrapping how about looking at our fabulously funny Christmas cards. Examples of which are ‘Mistletoad’ seen here,  a scream of a card with an absolute hoot of a toad languishing under a sprig of mistletoe. Produced by a small team at Citrus Bunn this delightful card is scanned, printed, packed and stamped in London., They are made with recycled and plant friendly material and come with their own envelope.  They are blank inside for your own very personal message.  Make someone giggle when they open this card!

So there you have it – That’s a wrap! I’m more than happy to answer any questions or queries on wrapping and when time permits in the shop I’m always happy to wrap anything you have brought for you and send out. I can even do this via our shipping option. Just purchase all the wrapping you need with the gift (obviously) and off I go! 

Best wishes

Judie (The Duchess) & the team x