The Owl & The Pussycat Christmas Gift Guide - Gifts For Little Women 3-6 Years

So, this is my first blog for the O&P - how exciting!! And I have chosen gifts for girls – or Little Women (as we affectionately call them) ages 3-6yrs, not that I have a little woman of my own but I’m in my mid to late 20’s which is super scary for me, although I know many of you older than I will still see me as being very young (thank you to all of you aha!). The thought of turning 30 terrifies me, my friends are all at such different stages of our lives and I know we all panic about whether we’re on the right track and where we should be at this age. However, one thing I do love is that many of my friends now have their own little family’s, many with little women which means I get to be cool Auntie Shelbie and go crazy at Christmas buying super cute gifts for girls. So here it is, my top 6 must buy gifts for little women this Christmas…


Blue shimmer earmuffs

First up – Blue Shimmer Sequin Earmuffs by Rockahula. Unlike me, who was obsessed with anything and everything pink when I was little, all the little women in my life at the moment are absolutely loving blue, perhaps it’s to do with the Elsa from Frozen craze? Not sure, but what I am sure of is that any little lady would smile like a Cheshire cat opening these on Christmas day – you can take my word for it.

Rockahula is one of my favourite brands in the shop, for so many reasons! All of their products are adorable, it’s one of those brands you will always find yourself picking up and saying ‘aww!’ – everything is super cute, sparkly, fun & makes a perfect gift. Rockahula create fun, bright and brilliantly beautiful products to delight young customers. At the same time, they don’t compromise on quality, and each and every clip, bracelet or bag has to meet exacting standards. Plus, not only do Rockahula have awesome accessories – each year they donate 5% of their annual profit to children’s charities. Which is simply awesome and makes me love them even more!


Navy faux fur gilet for girls

Next up, we have a navy soft faux fur gilet from Mayoral. Now this is my favourite piece of clothing for Little Women that we have in the shop - so much so, I tried to get one in my size (sadly, they didn’t have one that would fit me). It has a silky-smooth lining and hook fasteners. It makes the perfect extra layer during the chilly weather and goes up to 8yrs so you could even have matching with an older ‘little woman’ and have them both looking super sassy & cute!

In my opinion, gilets are awesome and can really make an outfit. I wear them, all my friends wear them, and I would for sure put any little girl in one. I feel that they love them just as much as me because it makes them feel very grown up. Wearing clothing you see adults wear when you are younger instantly makes you feel brilliant because at that age, being grown up is very cool (little do they know, it’s not always as fabulous as you think).

Just to note, Mayoral is a Spanish brand and we find that sizes do come up a little small so if you are stuck between ages I would suggest going up a size for sure. It will also last longer – BONUS!


Blue velvet hair clips from Rockahula

More accessories – simply because I LOVE THEM!!! These hairclips are super pretty and perfect for parties. Of course, they are from my favourite brand again – Rockahula. They come in a pack of two, one super glittery (a sure win for little women) rainbow bow and one super soft blue velvet bow. 

You can never have too many hair accessories no matter your age because if you’re anything like me, you will lose these somewhere in your dressing table drawers a number of times so will need back up! Rockahula have so many glamorous hair accessories so be sure to check out the whole collection online.

I’ll share my super top tip for being crowned the best & coolest grown up Auntie/Godmother/Mum etc – grab a selection of accessories, hairclips, bags, hairbands, scrunchies… Add a few (the more you get, the cooler you’ll be – trust me!) sweet treats and make a little hamper, cover with bows and anything glittery and there you go! You can all thank me later.


Fairy tale story wooden play set

Right, it’s Christmas – so we must include toys! I’ve chosen this Fairy Tale Story Bag Wooden Playset. This is such a great gift for little girls and they will get hours of play and enjoyment from this great playset from Tender Leaf Toys. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with fairy tales, being the princess and being saved by a knight. I would spend hours on making up stories and acting them out with my toys and this set is perfect for that. 

Easy to put away and keep together, the bag doubles up as a fairy tale landscape when opened flat. All the Tender Leaf Toys are made from sustainable wood and manufactured with non-toxic paints so super safe for little girls from 3yrs and up.

You can’t go wrong with one as a Christmas present and this one is definitely on my ‘to buy list’ for some of the pretty little girls in my life. Auntie Shelbie will obviously be joining in play time and reliving her youth, even if there is a debate on who is going to be the princess (me). 


Wooden toys for girls

I don’t know of any little girls that don’t love dolls. So, I present to you this wonderful wooden doll family. Perfect for role play and letting little imaginations run wild. One of my lovely nieces absolutely loves pretending to play mummy during imaginary family’s, she wonders off pretending to cook & clean whilst caring for her children. She’s absolutely hilarious and she can go on for hours having so much fun. When I saw this set, it made me think of her straight away!

The set is from Tender Leaf Toys and the doll family includes mummy, daddy, little boy and little girl. Although you they could really be anyone, they would like them to be! The dolls are snuggled into a nice box so they are gift ready and just need to be wrapped. They are suitable for 3 years and up (I’m 26 and will most definitely will be playing with these aha).


Red knitted girls jumper by Mayoral


I struggled to decide what to choose for my last gift idea, there are so many wonderful gifts for girls to pick from in the shop! Well, of course – we select them! But I have gone with this Red Knitted Sparkle Jumper by Mayoral. You can tell what my favourite brands are, can’t you!? 

I just love clothes! My mum & I now and again will go through old photos and cry with laugher at all the outfits I used to pick for myself! I always ask her “why an earth did you let me go out like that!?” and she tells me it didn’t matter, it made me happy and at the time I thought I was really cool. I loved anything with a bit of glitter or sparkle, and I know I would have loved this jumper. I still do and again I am left upset that they don’t have my size, grrrr!

This jumper is easy to throw on with a pair of jeans or skirt & tights. Perfect for Christmas day too. It starts from 3 years and runs through to 8yrs so can also be for older girls.

We also have a great range of tights online too – just loaded – here’s the link: girls tights! 

Well, there we have it. That’s my first gift guide done, gifts for girls. I have no doubt that the little women in your life will absolutely love any of these gifts for Christmas. Who knows what this Christmas will be like but I hope you enjoy the festive period, stay safe and be merry!

Best wishes,

Shelbie & The O&P Team x