The Owl & The Pussycat Christmas Gift Guide For Teen Girls

The Dream Teen’ is the collection on our website dedicated to teenagers – I have two teens – a 17yr old boy and a 15yr old girl, and spend much time pondering what to buy them for gifts & pressies. I think teenagers are perhaps the hardest family member to shop for – would you agree? And the boys, for me, by far the hardest. I guess easier for those who have already found a passion in sport or the arts but for a teen who is just winging their way though the years, what on earth do we buy them? 

We are presenting some ideas first for the girlies (perhaps because they were easier to pick) and selected items that are not too expensive as it’s often the little bits that make our girls smile on Christmas morning. 

Coco, my beautiful teenage girl and her friends are strong, independent, thoughtful, emotional, fabulously fun young ladies, full of spirit and enthusiasm for life and they are quite simply amazing – a tough crowd to buy for? Perhaps, but when I really sit and think about them, I can pick something to compliment each of those personality traits and cover each side of their brilliant personalities – here goes:

For ‘beautiful’ I pick a ring. ‘Pom’ (Peace of Mind) jewellery is a great gift for teenage girls. Well made, cool in design and a great price point. The sterling silver crossover loop ring has proved popular with Coco and her fiends (my sounding boards and somewhat critical buyers). It comes in three sizes which we have listed to a small, medium & large for ease. Don’t be put off buying rings for teens – you can guess their size – here’s a crafty way! Find one of her other rings and grab a piece of string. Wrap it round and mark it with a pen (the string, not the ring) and the lay the string flat on a ruler and grab the length in millimetres – rough guide:

Small: 54-55mm (N-O)
Medium: 56-57mm (P-Q)
Large: 58-59mm (Q 1/2 - R)


Sterling Silver Ring Gifts For Girls

Don’t overthink it – teens are wearing rings on every finger these days and the thumb is back too! This is a gorgeous sterling silver ring for a teenage girl with a crossover design creating a stylish & modern look. This ring is handcrafted from fine quality sterling silver and has been polished with a high shine to create a smooth yet beautiful subtle textured finish. This ring would look fabulous both alone and stacked with other rings and at £32 makes for a lovely special gift for your teenage girl.


Tinkalink Charger Skins

Now for ‘independent’ – I’ve picked a Tinkalink! What is that some of you may cry – well it’s exactly what every single teenage girl must have in her stocking this Christmas. A Tinkalink is a crafty design to personalise a phone/iPad etc charger! YES, YES YES! No more fights over phone chargers, no more realising on a Sunday evening that your little darling has squirreled your charger into her bag and headed off to school for a few weeks or finally confesses to leaving it at a friends on a sleepover. These clever stickers make your charger your own. We all have them in our house, and they have quite literally saved us from physical scrapping!!!! (I jest… a little) We have many designs and colours online, but have you all noticed that ‘Tie-Dye’ is back – and have you all cringed at its comeback as much as me? I can’t think of it without throwing back to my own teenage years and remembering the most awful top I used to wear! Aha! I know they will do the same one day – but, as we all know, you can’t tell a teen! Tinkalinks sell for £6.95 and trust me it will be the best £6.95 you’ve ever spent!


Buy Journals Online

Ahh – to ‘thoughtful’ and ‘emotional,’ – for any teenage girl and for those ‘dream teen’ years it has to be a diary, or a notebook doesn’t it? We’ve all written our thoughts down at some point. I still do, every night for the last 30 or so years, every day of my life documented in diaries stashed away in the loft. My teenage ones packed full of concert tickets, train tickets, love letters, pressed flowers, and photos galore. Memories make a teenage girl, and a diary or notebook makes for a wonderful teenage gift. The one I’ve picked here is small and that’s deliberate – girls are online and not writing with a pen these day so I envisage their diaries and journals to be smaller than mine – perhaps more snapshots of their lives as opposed to minute-by-minute renditions. I love the message on this little dark green chunky notebook too ‘Perhaps the grass is green enough’ – in so many ways this can be a poignant message for a teenage girl, and she’ll get it too! This little notebook is £10 – give her the gift of memories this Christmas – I promise you, if she does engage with writing her story, when she’s in her forties she’ll thank you for it! 


Lupe Bee Hairband

On to ‘strong.’ The Lupe hairbands are one of our absolute best sellers. They are strong physically but I more picked them because when a girl needs to dig in, dig deep, find her strength, whether on the sports field, in lessons, exams, projects or the gym, she normally ties her luscious locks away from her face and goes for it showing her ultimate strength! In a variety of colours and with many different charms to chose from these are a fab gift for £4.50 and come on a cute presentation card too. 


Caroline Gardner Socks

Let’s go for the ‘fabulously fun’ side of our teenage girls and these green metallic socks from Caroline Gardner scream that! What a giggle – we love them, and it appears so do you. Whether your girl wants to show her sparkle or keep it hidden we know she’ll smile when she pops these beauties on. The are £8.50 and one size to fit feet that are between a 4 & 7.


Lisa Angel ring box

Finally, a great gift for teenage girls this Christmas is this travel ring box from Lisa Angel. This navy starry night velvet printed ring box features a gold constellation design with a matching gold popper fastening. At £15 this really is a wonderful gift and she’ll be able to safely transport her ring from sleepover to party to travelling the world with ease. We also have this is teal green and they come in a round shape too if you want a bit more of a box for all her trinkets.

Teenage girls are amazing, and I am in complete awe of mine, watching her blossom from little girl to young lady. I hope the above will give you some ideas for under the tree or in their stocking this year and my humble top tip – when you next see your teenage girl, grab her, tell her she’s beautiful, you are proud of her and you love her. 

Love Tiggy & the team x