The Owl & The Pussycat Christmas Gift Guide For Bouncing Baby Boys (0-12months)

We start The Owl & the Pussycat Christmas Gift Guide with our Bouncing Baby Boys collection, featuring our top ideas for the ‘little blues’ in our lives. My first baby was a boy – he still is a boy but is now a hulking great 17-year-old one (“Ugg Ugg”)! I remember the day he was born (of course I do); when he arrived, my world stopped. He instantaneously became my everything and I never thought I would feel an emotion so powerful, so real, so overwhelmingly life-changing again. I did – but that’s a story for the Beautiful Baby Girls Guide coming to a social media channel near you soon!

Back to the boy, I felt I knew him before he was born. I’d named him in my tummy and he spent the majority of his 9 month incubation on the island of Antigua (as his mother quickly came to terms with the realisation that her days of ‘trying’ to be a windsurfer were pretty much over) before we returned home to see him into the world in Winchester, Hampshire. I remember my wonderful Mummy has a huge box of ‘baby blue’ items she’d been collecting throughout my pregnancy, unable to contain her excitement and I loved the box. I think ‘the baby box’ she presented me with all those years ago are akin to the sounds I hear people say as they enter The Little O&P in the shop and see the baby clothes and pressies for the first time. The emotion, the joy, the happiness is apparent and as I recall, and as I hear from our customer and it’s such a genuine and wonderful emotion. Of course, the gents (sorry but it’s true) that come in emit a different one, most commonly along the lines of “Oh Lord”, “how much” and “here we go again” bless them! 

So to the gifts we have picked for you! Woohoo! Let’s do this. We’ve tried to pick items in the ‘sensible’ price range – the shop has many designer baby boy gifts and if you are after a luxury gift we can certainly help but our pick here is better suited to Father Christmas’s more conscientious wallet.

Christmas print babygow

The Christmas print babygrow at £18 and matching bib for £9 can be combined for a fuller set. The babygrow comes in size 6-12 months and we this is a generous fit. The items are from wonderful Powell Craft, a very British company. They are 100% cotton and the babygrow has poppers between the legs and fold-back shoulders for easier dressing. We love the Christmas print (and there are bigger kids’ PJ’s to match if you fancy it too)!


Christmas socks for babies

‘My First Christmas’ baby socks make a cute gift and at just £13.99 for the five pairs, that’s great value. The socks will ‘fit’ all little feet from 0-12months (although we can’t be responsible for those that are kicked off and lost)!

Zoom to the Moon Jellycat Toy


Jellycat’s ‘Zoom To The Moon’ book for £12 will ensure that every day is a little adventure. It's a crinkly, grabbable tale of adventure with rockets and planets and so much to see! This funky fabric book has velcro fixings to turn any buggy into a rocket! Although not featured here we also sell ‘Cosmopop’ who is a jiggly-joggly rocket to compliment!

Paddington Bear Music Box


Our final piece will delight and entertain every bouncing baby boy. Classic Paddington Bear dances with a friendly pigeon on this fabulous wooden music box. The box plays Brahms lullaby and the music and movement create a really sweet gift to be treasured over the years too. 

Perhaps, more than ever, it is time to spoil the people in our lives that mean so much to us and to hold our bouncing baby boys near. From baby hats & bibs, babygrows & blankets, toys for tiny people and the more practical (yet still lovely), muslins and feeding cushions we hope you enjoy choosing something for the bouncing baby boy in your life. 



Tiggy & the team x