Preparing for a Coronation Party: A Royal Celebration Fit for a King!

Coronation Party Accessories

As the world waits in anticipation for the next coronation of a British monarch, it's the perfect time to plan a celebration of your own. Coronation parties are a timeless way to pay homage to the Royal Family and their traditions, while also providing an opportunity to gather with loved ones for a regal affair. In this blog post, we'll explore the rich history of coronations and provide tips for hosting your own unforgettable coronation party!


The Rich History of Coronations


Coronations have been an important part of British history for centuries, dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period. The coronation ceremony is steeped in tradition and symbolism, with the monarch being anointed with holy oil and crowned with the St. Edward's Crown. The ceremony is a public declaration of the monarch's divine right to rule, and is followed by a procession through the streets of London.


Tips for Hosting a Coronation Party


Hosting a coronation party is a fun and festive way to celebrate this historic occasion. Here are some tips to help you plan a memorable event:

  1. Choose a Theme: Create a royal atmosphere with decorations that reflect the grandeur of the occasion. Hang flags and bunting, set the table with Union Jack accessories, and incorporate the royal colours of purple and gold into your decor!

  2. Plan a Menu: Create a menu fit for a king with dishes that reflect British traditional dishes. Serve afternoon tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and tipples such as a gin and tonic!

  3. Dress the Part: Encourage guests to dress in their finest attire, with women wearing hats or fascinators and men wearing suits and ties.

  4. Play Royal Games: Create a sense of fun and competition by hosting games and activities that are fit for a royal. Crown the guest with the most regal attire, play a game of croquet, or set up a table for a royal-themed trivia game!

  5. Toast to the Monarch: Raise a glass to the monarch and their reign with a champagne toast. You can also serve a signature cocktail that reflects the colours and flavours of the occasion - what will you come up with?


A coronation party is a timeless way to celebrate the rich history of the Royal Family and their traditions - create a regal atmosphere that will transport your guests to a time of grandeur and elegance with our Coronation Collection. So put on your finest attire, raise a glass to the monarch, and celebrate this historic occasion in style - Long Live The King!