How To Pack For A Last Minute Holiday

Who would have imagined our new normal just six months ago? The global pandemic has touched everyone’s lives in different ways, some positive and of course, sadly some negative too. But as we tentatively take steps to recapturing our lives after lockdown, there is a desire to change the status quo, with new adventures and sceneries. Goodness knows, as a home-schooling Mama I seriously need the change of scene – and possibly a change of children too – snarf snarf! With this in mind, and the summer holidays upon us (yes, another 6-8 weeks of wondering what to do with our gorgeous niblets), I have put together some of my favourites from this season’s O&P. So, for that stylish trip to the beach, for those of us lucky enough to be escaping to the sea, abroad or at home, or even a garden BBQ, I’ve got your back and will ensue you look awesome and have exactly what you need right there in your fabulous bag!

Last Straw Reusable Straw

Some accessories that we never would have packed before are necessities now. Everyone needs a hand sanitiser (or 7 in their bag), at least one stylish mask from My Doris (available in store - if we are going to have to wear them then we are absolutely going to look good while we do) & I think you should arm your entire family with a reusable straw each, so you can be extra safe when out and about. Let’s help to keep that awful virus at bay, but let’s look stylish while we do it.

Pia Rossini beach bag

A fashionably fabulous big basket beach bag is essential to ensure you have everything you need in one place and this sequinned basket bag does the job, whilst looking stunning in the sunlight with an inner pocket for your phone and a zip to ensure you bring back what you took out with you! Always a bonus! 

Recycled Beach Towel from Look Like Cool

This super lightweight beach towel made from recycled bottles (environmentally friendly check box ticked) comes with its own bag. These are made from a unique blend to provide maximum absorbency and be exceptionally fast drying. They are perfect for taking to the beach or pool as it comes in a gorgeous compact bag making it small and extremely lightweight given the towels large size of 80x160cm. Even better is that you can lay it on the beach and it doesn’t gather and hold the sand like a regular towel does, so you can use it to sit on then shake away the sand and use it to wrap up when you come out of the water! Bonus it dries 5x faster than your regular towel, is luxuriously soft and you can throw it in the washing machine!

Panama hat

In the shop we have a great selection of Panama hats which fold up into a bag – yes, it does! They're a packing must to keep our beautiful noses out of the noon day sun, and a pair of ‘I don’t care if I break them’ flipflops are definitely a good idea for messing about on a beach or in the river - also available in store. These items are not online at the moment as we can’t quite work out how to post a hat, even if it is flat-pack but if interested do give us a call for sure!

Elizabeth Hurley Beachwear

You’ll definitely need a beach cover-up and the shop has so many to chose from but I particularly love this lightweight and stylishly pretty design from Elizabeth Hurley Beach. It’s is a bit of a winner as you can dress it up or down to suit your mood and it’s very light and small to throw in your bag too. 

Lupe hairbands

I always have a wrist armed with these fab hairbands that can be worn as bracelets too from Lupe. Neaon brights or cool pastels help set the mood and are particularly effective when trying to look cool with a cocktail when the wind whips up and you end up looking more like ‘Hairy McLary from Donaldson’s dairy’ as opposed to ‘Ibiza Cool - Cocktail Hour Charlie’! 

Shop stylish sunglasses online

Also in the bag is obviously a stylish pair of sunglasses to hide my ‘home-schooling eyes.’ I tend to pack a neutral tone like these from Powder if I only have room for the one pair so they can easy adapt to any of my outfits. 


Other than that lot I think a pretty pouch Powell Craft (available in store!) in a vibrant print which is easy to find in the basket bag for your sun tan lotion, lip balms, the essential travel hairbrush and a pocket mirror to ensure you are always looking your best and Bob’s our Uncle (whoever Bob was or is? Anyone know)? 


I hope this has given you some ideas and inspired your beach bag packing. Enjoy your days out, make the most of the weather, look glamorous and fabulous and stay safe whilst you do!


With Love

Charlie – O&P Team Member and quite frankly in need of a holiday! x