Discovering the Magic of Christmas Markets in Hampshire

As the holiday season approaches, there's a special kind of magic in the air, and nowhere is this more evident than at Christmas markets. In Hampshire, these festive markets come alive with twinkling lights, the warm aroma of mulled wine, and the joyful sounds of carolers. Join us on a delightful journey as we explore the enchanting Christmas markets that adorn the picturesque towns and cities of Hampshire, spreading holiday cheer to all who visit.

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market - 17th November until 21st December 2023

Our first stop on this Christmas market adventure brings us to the historic city of Winchester, home to one of the most renowned Christmas markets in the UK.

  1. Setting the Scene: Nestled beside the stunning Winchester Cathedral, the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market boasts a breathtaking backdrop that transports visitors to a winter wonderland.

  2. Unique Craft Stalls: This market is famous for its wooden chalets, each filled with handcrafted gifts, festive decorations, and delicious food and drink. It's the perfect place to find unique presents for your loved ones.

  3. Mulled Wine and Local Treats: Don't miss the chance to savour traditional festive treats like mulled wine, bratwurst sausages, and mince pies, all made with local ingredients.

  4. Entertainment: Live performances by local musicians and choirs provide the soundtrack to your shopping and create a truly magical atmosphere.

Southampton Christmas Festival- 16th November until Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Our next destination is the vibrant city of Southampton, where the Christmas Festival offers a delightful array of holiday delights.

  1. Magical Lights: Southampton's Christmas market is renowned for its impressive lighting displays, transforming the city center into a dazzling spectacle. The market is centered around the city's iconic Bargate monument, beautifully adorned with festive lights.

  2. Shopping Extravaganza: With a wide variety of stalls, you'll find everything from handmade crafts to artisan foods. It's the perfect place to find that special gift or unique Christmas decorations.

  3. Santa's Grotto: A visit to Santa's Grotto is a must for families. Children can share their Christmas wishes with Father Christmas himself and receive a special gift.

  4. Food and Drink: The market offers an array of culinary delights, from German bratwurst to traditional mince pies. Don't forget to try the famous Southampton roast chestnuts.

Army Flying Museum Christmas Market, Stockbridge - 25th November 2023

Buy special gifts for your loved ones from a wide range of local stall holders, including jewellery, candles, original artwork and home furnishings.

  1. Located close to the charming town of Stockbridge: your shopping trip doesn't have to end at the Museum. Drive a few minutes down the road and explore the fantastic range of shops in Stockbridge. Broughton Crafts and O&P London for fantastic gifts, The Little Whisky Shop and and Wine Eutopia to stock up on your favourite festive tipple, and for a spot of lunch try Prego Deli for delicious homemade pasta and cakes.
  2. Beautiful Countryside: Take a drive to the Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort for spectacular views over the rolling hills of Stockbridge Downs and beyond.

Victorian Festival of Christmas in Portsmouth- 16th November until 30th December 2023

Travel back in time to the Victorian era with a visit to the Victorian Festival of Christmas in historic Portsmouth.

  1. Historical Atmosphere: The Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth provides the perfect backdrop for this unique Christmas experience. The entire area is transformed into a Dickensian winter village.

  2. Period Costumes: Visitors and many vendors don Victorian costumes, creating an immersive experience that transports you to a bygone era.

  3. Street Entertainment: Enjoy street performances, carolers, and costumed characters as you explore the cobbled streets and historic buildings.

  4. Unique Gifts: Find one-of-a-kind gifts at the artisan stalls, offering everything from handmade crafts to vintage treasures.

  5. Traditional Eats: Sample traditional Victorian treats like roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, and hearty pies.

Christmas Market, Milestones in Basingstoke- 2nd Dec 2023 - 3rd Dec 2023

Our next stop is the bustling town of Basingstoke, where a charming Christmas market adds a touch of festive spirit to the community.

  1. Community Spirit: Basingstoke's Christmas market is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. It's a gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

  2. Unique Shopping: Explore the market's stalls, which feature a wide range of gifts, artisan products, and decorations. It's a fantastic opportunity to support local businesses.

  3. Family-Friendly: The market often hosts family-friendly activities like Santa's grotto, children's rides, and live entertainment to keep everyone in high spirits.

  4. Festive Food: Satisfy your cravings with a variety of delicious snacks and beverages, including roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate, and international cuisines.

Lymington Christmas Market- 24th November 2023

For a more intimate and traditional Christmas market experience, we head to the charming coastal town of Lymington.

  1. Quaint and Cosy: Lymington's Christmas market captures the essence of a traditional English village market. Its compact size and cosy atmosphere make it a hidden gem.

  2. Local Crafts: Browse the stalls for locally crafted gifts, including handmade jewellery, artwork, and holiday decorations.

  3. Mulled Wine and Mince Pies: Sip on warming mulled wine and savour homemade mince pies as you soak in the festive atmosphere.

  4. Harbour Views: Take a leisurely stroll along Lymington's picturesque quay and enjoy views of the marina and the Solent.

Romsey Christmas Fair- 17th November 2023

Our final destination is the historic market town of Romsey, where the Christmas Food and Gift Fayre celebrates the best of Hampshire.

  1. Local Flavours: Romsey's Christmas Fayre is a haven for foodies, with an emphasis on showcasing Hampshire's finest local produce. Sample cheeses, meats, chocolates, and more.

  2. Unique Gifts: Discover a diverse range of artisan gifts and crafts, perfect for that special someone on your Christmas list.

  3. Festive Demonstrations: Enjoy live cooking demonstrations and gain inspiration for your holiday feasts.

  4. Entertainment: Live music and carol singers add a joyful soundtrack to your shopping experience.


Hampshire's Christmas markets offer a tapestry of festive experiences, each with its unique charm and character. From the grandeur of Winchester's Cathedral Market to the historical immersion in Portsmouth, and the intimate cosiness of Lymington, these markets are a testament to the holiday spirit that envelops this picturesque region. So, whether you're seeking unique gifts, indulgent treats, or simply the joy of the season, Hampshire's Christmas markets are the perfect destination to make your holiday season truly magical.

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