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An independent department store presenting beautiful fashion and accessories, must-have toys
and gifts from new babies to grandparents, and everyone in between.

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I wanted to say what a wonderful and happy surprise it was to receive your parcel the other day, and for the label to say something so lovely! I am sure you do it for all your customers - but it was a first for me and it really brought a happy smile to my face!


Thank you so much for so quickly delivering the beautifully packaged presents I ordered only yesterday! I ticked the box to collect from store so extremely kind of you to actually deliver them! Such a lovely surprise and one less thing for me to do!


I walked past your shop and was taken in with your window display so I looked up your website when I got home. It is one of the best I have ever come across - its so easy to use and really well designed. I was very impressed. Look forward to visiting your shop!


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O&P Stockbridge - High Street, Stockbridge, Hants, SO20 6EY

Open: 10-5PM Mon-Sat | 11-4PM Sunday

Shop Tel: 01264 811 533

Customer Service: 01264 319 381 (9-5pm Mon-Fri)

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